Fyzická ostraha objektů

We provide complete man-powered area security and surveillance

We are ready to guard

 industrial sites,

 construction sites and machinery,

  logistics parks,

 office buildings,


 apartment buildings

 business centres, shopping centres, malls and other objects.

All services are performed following a security regulations project. The security regulations project is individually developed to meet your requirements and the character of the secured area.

As a part of complex security solutions we provide:

 complete solutions for your security needs, including development of detailed security project, perfectly suited to your specific wishes and needs

 carefully selected and professionally trained security personnel

 security services performed by uniformed or smart casual dressed guards – in order to meet your wishes and needs

  elaboration of an area security rulebook (security service performance regulations)

 our guards are equipped and armed to meet your requirements – possible equipment ranges from a gun, a radiostation, a mobile phone, rubber truncheon, security walks surveying device or any other special equipment, armament or a specially trained guard dog

 complex security service solutions based on mutual implementation of manpower, technology and integrated security solutions

We provide installation, operation and maintenance of

 electronic fire prevention systems

 electronic alarm systems

 CCTV systems

Our employees are fully qualified to perform security service in accordance with the Czech Trade Act (živnostenský zákon)

 personal integrity demonstration

  knowledge of standard security service performance regulations

  knowledge of health and safety at work regulations

  knowledge of Integrated Rescue System procedures

 holders of a professional qualification certificate – Strážný, 68-008-E

 first aid training (on request)