Central control panel


 Property supervision 24/7!

Central control panel (CCP) is an operation workplace receiving and checking data from electronic monitoring systems placed in supervised objects and sites via GSM network and other communication channels.

In case of an intrusion emergency our mobile intervention team immediately leaves to check the site wherever in Czech republic it might be.

The team secures the site/object, detains any intruders and hands them over to the police. The team also provides any further cooperation, may it be required. The monitoring system is individually adjusted to the needs and requirements of the client.

The service is provided 24 hours a day – your site is continuously protected.

Characteristics of the service

 up-to-date CCP technology

 the system is protected against communication malfunction by a sophisticated technology that automatically switches communication route between providers, hence the object/site is steadily secure and furthermore the object/site communication devices are protected against GPRS signal jamming and against sudden malfunction by regular connection time check

 the CCP automatically checks whether the object/site monitoring system is running when it should be

 possibility to interface the system with various other monitoring systems such as fire safety system, etc.

  when the intrusion signal is received, an intervention team exercises physical check of the object/site, informs the agency workplace about it’s findings, and executes follow-up measures (intruder detainment, object/site guarding, assistance with securing the object/site, etc.)

 the mobile intervention team is briefed directly together with the operation centre, which makes it easier for the team to reach the destination in time to effectively protect your property

 it is possible to set and utilize the montoring system further based on client’s specific requirements.